You came to me on a hot summer day Hungry, thirsty. Bones visible, hair missing, eyes faded. You cried and I heard you. I thought you might leave, But you stayed.   Your hair grew, black and gold and orange. Your wheat colored eyes, bright again, Watching, waiting, learning. You let me touch you when... Continue Reading →

Here I am

When my firstborn son was a toddler, there was a game we would play when driving around town to keep him from becoming bored and restless, the “where is it” game. I would ask where something is and Matthew would say, “There it is!” with a point of his chubby finger. “Where is the truck?”... Continue Reading →


From the moment I found out that I was pregnant with my first child, I started to imagine the worst. But, we do that, don’t we? As parents we imagine the worst possible scenarios for our children and then we plan against them. Right after they take their first breath they are given two bracelets... Continue Reading →

No Pain, No Gain

A few years ago, I started receiving a visitor at my door. There were other visitors like him, but he was different. My visitor’s name is Theo, and Theo is a Jehovah’s Witness. Normally, when a Jehovah’s Witness knocks on my door they ask a couple of questions and then run away. I’m not kidding... Continue Reading →


It’s here again, the beginning of another year. Time to make those resolutions. Even though the vast majority of us fail to keep them, we make them anyway. Quit the bad habits, lose those excess pounds. Less screen time, more family time. Learn a new language, finish writing that book. Be kinder, more charitable. Relax,... Continue Reading →

The Circus Act

The sheer number of things that I keep in my mind at any given time is the stuff of legends, or at least to me it is. If anyone were to crack open my skull and peer in they would find a large circus tent. “Step right up, folks! Prepare to be dazzled and amazed... Continue Reading →

Story Time

I had two grandmas growing up. One who I saw on a daily basis, Ruby, and one that I saw only during visits with my father twice a month. Her name was Sylvia. If I had to pick one word to describe Grandma Sylvia, it would be soft. She had soft skin, a soft body,... Continue Reading →

One Way or Another

I am lucky enough to be a part of a close knit group of writers that meets at a local library twice a month. I have been a part of this group for a couple of years now. They are made up of mostly retirees (myself excluded) and their religious views (mostly Christian) come through... Continue Reading →

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