It’s here again, the beginning of another year. Time to make those resolutions.

Even though the vast majority of us fail to keep them, we make them anyway.

Quit the bad habits, lose those excess pounds. Less screen time, more family time.

Learn a new language, finish writing that book.

Be kinder, more charitable. Relax, find your Zen.

Let go of resentments or relationships that hurt you, or find a new love.

We do this all in an effort to “better ourselves.”

But what if…

What if our resolution was to just be?

What if we stopped judging ourselves as less than, not enough or incomplete?

What if we choose instead to be in our own moment, be okay with who we are, whatever that is from day to day?

What if we just accepted ourselves as-is, and loved ourselves unconditionally for just one year?

They say that if you accept yourself and love yourself that you will make better decisions about your life.

Your healthy relationships will grow stronger as the value that you have in yourself will influence how you value others.

Your boundaries will be stronger, the acceptance that you need from unhealthy relationships will no longer be necessary.

You will become more courageous with a newfound certainty about your life, taking chances that you wouldn’t have otherwise and understanding your limitations and strengths without judgement.

So, this year, my resolution is to just be me.

And hopefully, everything else will take care of itself.

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